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Beer Review #253 Hellrazer IPA

12-16-03I’ve really been in an IPA mood lately and I’ve also been trying to buy some more local beers. Duclaw Brewing Company solved both of those “problems” for me with their Hellrazer IPA, a 7.5% ABV beer. The bottle also advertises that it is hopped with New Zealand hops, in particular Motueka. I’m not super familiar with New Zealand hops as they are super expensive and are generally pretty hard to find. My brief research on these hops say that they are generally used with pilsners and Belgian ales.

Hellrazer pours a nice clear orange and has an ample white head. The nose is packed with citrus hops and is a bit bready. I’m not entirely sure how to describe the hops other than citrus, but it was a unique smell that I haven’t noticed in other IPAs. I’m assuming this is related to the¬†Motueka hops.

On the first line of my taste area of notes it says, “amazing,” and it really is. The hops are great, bitter but also packed with flavor. There is a strong citrus flavor along with some bubble gum. It’s a pretty unique taste from what my lips have tasted. There is a really solid malt backbone that provides the needed bread and sweetness to balance this beer. This beer is exceptionally smooth as well.

I am strongly considering purchasing some New Zealand hops after having this beer. It has such a unique hop profile that it makes the beer very memorable. I really dig this beer. I’m going to have to make a trip down to Duclaw during my holiday break and get a fresh glass of this.