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End of the World Beers

Today was supposed to be the End of the World. We all see how that worked out. Seeing as how the End of the World comes up every few years I thought that I should compile a list of beers that are had a End of the World theme. Tonight I’ll be drinking a La Fin Du Monde, which is French for The End of the World. A few other beers that you might want to consider if when the End of the World is predicted again.

  • End of the History by Brew Dog
  • Ommegeddon by Brewery Ommegang
  • End of the World Midnight Wheat by ABInBev
  • Apylocpse Cow by Three Floyds
  • Judgement Day by The Lost Abbey

2 thoughts on “End of the World Beers

  1. Very hard to believe Fin du Monde didn’t make this list, since it translates literally as “End of the World”.

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