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Brewers Publications Response

At the end of January I posted a few thoughts on eBooks and the need for Brewers Publications to make their books available in the format. I didn’t hear anything for awhile and I honestly wasn’t expecting to, but the other day Kristi of Brewers Publications left a comment on my post. I think her response deserves a post of its own, so here it is.

Dear Nate,

I wish I had seen this sooner, I certainly would have addressed this earlier! We have been working on this project for many months (actually probably years now). There are some technological challenges with converting books that are not text only. Anytime you add charts, graphs, equations, etc. to the mix, it complicates the conversion process. Couple that with proofing for different eReaders and checking how an individuals users settings changes how the book appears and it’s a very real challenge.

It is not lost on me that our readers want to be able to read their books on their eReaders. I think about it every day and I am taking steps toward that every day. We do have a couple of new books that are very close to being done but need final proofs before sending them off for the last revisions (For the Love of Hops and IPA). Older books like Designing Great Beers and Radical are still in the trenches. Not only are they technical and graphically rich but they are also larger sized than a “normal” book. The latest versions were unacceptable and so I have a meeting this week to find out what other options are available for books like these and how we can get them moving along. Backlist books built from very old files may even be more challenging but I am working on finding the best solution for those as well.

My priority is seeing that when we release an eBook, it is a quality product. There are many different ways of converting books and we have yet to find an accurate way to produce them across the board. I had a long conversation with someone that has worked in the publishing industry for decades and many, many publishers are just deciding to NOT publish eBooks if they are not text only due to the challenges and time associated with making them work for the reader. I know this doesn’t solve your workout problem or those folks that have fully converted to eReading but I hope you will be patient as we continue to work toward (and proof many times!) the best way to make our books accessible in this format.

Our authors work very hard to write these books and I want to make sure we do right by them and produce a quality product we can all be proud of and that is usable/enjoyable to all of you. In the meantime, as we continue to produce new books in print and work toward eBooks, if anyone has any ideas for books they would like to see in the Brewers Publications title list, please email anytime via

Publisher, Brewers Publications

I want to thank Kristi and all the folks at Brewers Publications for their hard work. I really enjoy the products that they put out and I’m excited to hear that they are working on getting their books into eBook formats. I understand the challenges of taking a traditional book and putting it into a non-traditional format. I also appreciate the fact that they want to make it right and make the best product that they can. Thank you Brewers Publications for your response and all of the work that you do.