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Coffee Amber Ale Tasting Notes

05-16-01I brewed my Coffee Amber Ale some time ago and the keg is just about the kick, so I thought that I would share my tasting notes with you in case you were curious and wanted to try brewing it. As you can see in the picture to the left, the beer is a nice clear amber color and has a fluffy white head. The nose has coffee beans in the nose, more green than roasted. There are some slight bread and caramel notes as well but the green coffee smell really wins out.

On the first taste I was surprised at the amount of caramel that comes out in the beer. It’s a very smooth and round caramel. It then transitions to coffee flavor. The coffee is reserved and not as bold as a “typical” coffee ale, but it does come though and helps balance out the sweetness of the caramel. There are not hop notes to speak of in this one.

My overall impressions with this beer are high. I’m thrilled that I was able to make a coffee amber ale. It was a challenge that I think I succeeded at. I would like the coffee to smell less green and have more roast in the future along with some pumped up coffee notes in the flavor of the beer. I’m not sure how to accomplish this without changing the color but I’m open to suggestions. This was a super simple beer to brew and I will be making a return to my brewing schedule come the late fall/early winter. I’m not sure if the coffee malt did anything other than add some color so I might try changing it out for a chocolate malt in order to get some additional roasty flavors. I’m a happy camper and I’ll be sad to see this one go.