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Is homebrew legal?

It’s a question that all homebrewers ask themselves before they start brewing or right after they started. It’s the same kind of question anyone asks when dealing with such a “taboo” subject; Is this legal? The long and the short of it is yes, homebrewing is legal. It became legal again, after that whole prohibition thing, in 1978. For the record prohibition was done away with in 1933. Apparently someone forgot to add homebrewing back to the allowed activities, but I digress.

Homebrew laws vary by state, and its not even legal in some, go figure. Most states have a general rule of 100 gallons a year for an adult and an additional 100 gallons if there are more than two adults living in the same house. So we will just call it 200 gallons a year per house is legally allowed to be made. If you have specific questions regaurding your state, refer to this site.

Sadly some states aren’t up with the rest. The following states still outlaw homebrewing:

  • Utah
  • Alabama
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma

Most of the laws in those states are meant for distilling, but they can be inturpted for homebrewing, and some even carry some stiff penalities. Maybe someday they will catch up, I’m just glad I’m in a homebrew friendly state.