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Left Hank Brewing Company Haystack Wheat Beer Review

09-24-02As I said before my wife has been on a wheat beer kick for awhile now. Haystack Wheat from Left Hand Brewing Company is the next wheat beer to add to the collection. I’ve had a few other Left Hand products before and I have enjoyed them for the most part. In particular I think their Milk Stout is amazing. With that said, let’s move onto the beer.

We finally got a wheat beer that looks like a wheat beer. It is straw in color, which shouldn’t be surprising with its name, and has a fluffy, off-white head. It is super cloudy and looks like what you would expect a wheat beer to be. The nose was wheaty (surprise!), sweet, and some nutmeg or clove type smell. There is a little yeasty smell on the back of the nose as well. I also got a little banana of further smells.

09-24-04The taste was light on the malty flavor, cloves and nutmeg, wheat, and lots of banana. Haystack Wheat is well balanced as there is no component that really outshines the other. All of the flavors mesh well and compliment each other. It is light to medium in the mouthfeel and goes down extremely easy. It is very drinkable and refreshing. Left Hand Brewing Company made a good summer thirst quenching beer.

A few other things I noticed is that the beer is bottle conditioned which means that it was either re-fermented in the bottle to provide for carbonation or alcohol, or that the yeast is present in the bottle. In this case there is lots of yeast in the bottle. There is a nice layer of yeast at the bottom which I swirled to mix back into the beer. Overall Haystack Wheat is a pretty good beer and delivers on what you would expect from a lightly colored German wheat beer.

2 thoughts on “Left Hank Brewing Company Haystack Wheat Beer Review

  1. Sounds good. I’ve been on a wheat beer kick all summer! Occasionally I’ll see Left Hand stuff around, and actually I just got their Oktoberfest that I’m looking forward to having. I’d agree their Milk Stout is one of the best along w/ the one from Lancaster Brewing.

  2. I also will vouch for the quality of the Stout from Left Hand, I hand it on tap from the brewery a month or so back, and its tasty. The Haystack I felt was a pretty solid wheat beer, much better then a few I’ve sadly had to experience recently. Left Hand in general, is one of my more favorite on the Colorado front range breweries.

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