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Beer Tasting Notes

Last week I put up a link on the sidebar to the book that I was talking about a month or so ago. I finally got everything setup and running for it. The book is called Beer Tasting Notes and it is more a workbook than anything else. Inside there is space for 75 different beer sample notes. It covers everything from the type of beer to the servicing size and temperature. There is ample room for all of you copious notes.


I’ve been using the proof copies for awhile now when reviewing beer and it has made my life easier. Everything is in one spot and there is even a Table of Contents that you can fill out so that you beers are easy to find. Without really doing a post about it several books have already sold. So thank you to those of you who did. I have plan for a few other books coming down the line at some point, but that is well down the road. If you have some extra cash and want to better organize you beer notes, this is the book for you. It is only $10 and should really help organize your beer drinking life. Follow this link to Amazon and you can see some other preview shots as well.

One thought on “Beer Tasting Notes

  1. Well, I have to say I just tried your Beer Tasting Notes book and it was a big help! Typically, I do my beer reviews ‘on the fly’ and in the moment. Drink beer, type review. So, I tried putting my thoughts down in your book first, and wouldn’t you know it was easier to do the review?

    Nice job on the book. I hope you sell a ton because its a simple tool that would make any beer geek happy! I’ll have a post up about this neat little book toward the end of February on


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