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BreweryReviewery on Twitter

I have decided to take the plunge and go onto Twitter. The blog gets a bit backed up sometimes becasue it takes awhile to get all of the reviews and everything else written up. The little bit of photo editing that I do also takes a bit of time as well. Twitter enables me to update as I am doing things. While it is not nearly as descriptive as I would like, I can get the basic message across.

It will enable anyone who is “following” me (that still creeps me out a bit) to get a sneak peak at what will show up on the site a little further down the road. I will also post about a few non-beer (GASP!) related things from time to time, mostly about my beloved Phillies and their quest for back to back championships. The full address for the Twitter feed is below and it is also on the right hand sidebar at the bottom. Follow away.