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My Brewpub

At some point in my life I would love to start a brewpub. If you are not sure what a brewpub is, let me give you a heads up. A brewpub is a brewery and restaurant together. Unlike a brewery, the beers made at the brewpub are made to be consumed on site. I am in the very early planning stages of getting my dream off the ground, but running a beer based website has it’s perks on helping me get my ideas out there. Below you will find several articles/ideas that I have talked about concerning my dream. I am using this as a testing ground and a forum to get ideas, feedback, and general impressions on what I am doing, thinking, and where I am heading.

  • My brewery/brewpub: I talk about my dreams of starting a brewery or brewpub and what all I need to look at and consider in getting such an endeavor off of the ground.
  • Brewpub benefits: In this article I explore the possible benefits of a brewpub over running a brewery in terms of costs, marketing, and distribution.
  • Brewpub disadvantages: We explore what a brewpub stands to lose in comparision with a brewery. Everything from location to staffing to marketing are covered.
  • What kind of brewpub?: There are a lot of different approaches to a brewpub, in this article we explore a few of the options out there.
  • What kind of beer?: Obviously a brewpub serves beer, but kind of beer and what type of selection should be offered? A year round vs. rotating selection of beer is explored in this post.

5 thoughts on “My Brewpub

  1. Wow Nate – came across your Brew Review through facebook – sounds like a cool endeavor – and I knew you back when you were peeling carrots!!! Hope all is good!!!

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