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About Us

About Us was founded Pete and Nate. We have been roommates and/or neighbors for our entire college experience. We started slow, first getting into liquor. If there was bottle of Captain Morgan’s around, we would be happy to take some of it off of your hands. But liquor was a little rough around the edges and isn’t a hugely enjoyable drink.

So we then moved on to our greatest love, beer. We did the typical college thing and bought the cheap stuff that we now make a groaning noise to when someone speaks of it. You can only handle so much crappy beer before you decide to move on and explore other options.

Luckily our local 6-Pack store and beer distributer (yes you need to go to two different store in PA) were stocked with hundreds of different choices. Also living in southeastern PA there are a number of quality breweries that we were happy to sample from. Between the two of us, we have tried hundreds of different beers from across the world. Every continent that makes beer has been covered and if the scientists in Antarctica decide to start making some beer, we will get a hold of it. was our chance to share our beer tasting experience and help others out there find something that they will enjoy. Our love of beer has only grown with age. So take our recommendations and try something new, it may open up a whole new tasting experience for you.

The Reviews

One thing you will quickly notice about this site is that we do not post a score of the beers we rate. Unlike a lot of sites out there that will big an A-F rating or a 1-5 star rating, we have opted not to do this. The main thinking is because there may be a beer out there that we hate and you love or vise-versa. Additionally we put a lot of time into finding new beers, drinking them, and putting a quality review up. It would be silly for someone to come to our site just to see the score and then leave. Just like sports, you may know the final outcome but you don’t know what happened during the game that caused it.

We always give our honest review of a beer and try to find the bright spots in it. In every beer you can find something positive and we mean every beer. Some beers my not be suited for your palette or ours (and we will let you know if it wasn’t for ours) but there is always going to be someone out there who enjoys that particular beer. So don’t hate us for not putting up a rating or leave without reading a bit. We break down every beer from its appearance to its drinkability and then give you the reason why we did or did not like it.