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Review List

Below is a list of the beers we have reviewed on this site. There are some great and not so great choices. We give our honest opinion of each and every beer and tell it straight to you (list is still in progress but you can visit this page to go through them all in reverse order)

  1. Yuengling Lager: Being from PA our first beer review had to be Yuengling Lager or as we say in any bar, restaurant, or club, “give me a lager.”
  2. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA: 20% ABV and too many flavors to list. Just remember to drink it slowly and be cautious if you are a new craft beer drinker.
  3. Victory Hop Wallop: Another PA beer but it will punch you in the mouth. Lots of hops, lots of alcohol, and lots of goodness. A well balanced beer that is a great seasonal.
  4. Shiner Bock: In anticipation of moving to Texas, Shiner was a must have. It is the standard Texas beer around these parts and for good reason. Cheap to buy and easy to drink. A bit watered down for a true Bock.
  5. Rogue Mocha Porter: Our first sampling of Rogue on this site. A decent porter but too much chalky flavor to really stand out. No Rogue’s best offering.
  6. Lancaster Brewing Company Sampler: Back to PA with a local brewery in Lancaster, PA. Their sampler comes with 13 beers in 5 oz. sampling glasses for $15 bucks. It was a deal to be had.
  7. Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale:  Michelob’s attempt to make a seasonal beer. Pretty terrible try.
  8. Custom Brewcrafters English Pale Ale: An interesting beer, but I think I got a contaminated bottle.
  9. Lancaster Brewing Company Hop Hog: A wonderfully clean and crisp IPA that has a malt backbone to support the hop bite.
  10. Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale: I first had this beer in Hawaii and then I had the pleasure of having it on the mainland. A very bright and exciting pale ale.
  11. Triple J Sampler: This brewery is the only brewpub in Lubbock, Texas. Not super impressive for my tastes.
  12. Sea Dog Brewing Company Bluepaw Wheat Ale: The first fruit beer on the review list for this site. Lots of Blueberry and lots of sweet. Good if you are into that kind of thing.
  13. Victory Sampler: Another solid selection from Victory Brewing Company. There is a reason this brewery keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  14. Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre: A complex and deeply satisfying beer that will keep you tasting for more as you uncover more and more hidden flavors.
  15. Magic Hat Hi.P.A: Magic Hat’s spring seasonal that has a nice hop bite with enough malt to support it.
  16. River Horse Brewing Company Triple Horse: A wonderful Belgian Tripel that delivers in flavor along with ABV.
  17. Troegs Nugget Nectar Ale: Troegs spring seasonal that they classify as an imperial amber. Nice hop punch with a great, complex malt.
  18. Rogue Brutal Bitter: An IPA that is designed to kick you in the mouth, and guess what, it does!
  19. Hamm’s Beer: A regional classic that is light on flavor and body.
  20. Troegs Troegenator Doublebock: A wonderful twist on a traditional doublebock that has lots of malty goodness inside.
  21. Pete’s Wanderlust Cream Ale: A pretty standard cream ale that fits the style very well.
  22. Tommyknocker Butt Head: A dopplebock that delivers on tastes and abv.
  23. Hofbräu Dunkel: A traditional Dunkel from Germany
  24. Texas Wheat: Saint Arnold’s take on an American Wheat Ale
  25. Full Moon Pale Rye: A pale ale with a rye base malt, tasty
  26. Maudite: One of the best beers around in my book
  27. Haystack Wheat: A nice American Wheat Ale from Left Hand
  28. Boston Ale: Possibly my favorite beer from Sam Adams and/or Boston Beer Co.
  29. Imperial Nut Brown Ale: Tommyknocker is at it again with a high ABV brown ale
  30. Skinny Dip: New Belgium and their summer beer that makes you want to skinny dip
  31. Pumpkin Ale: Buffalo Bill’s Brewery take on a fall beer
  32. Punkin Ale: Dogfish Heads take on a pumpkin beer, yummy
  33. Ommegang Abbey Ale: Does Ommegang make a bad beer?
  34. Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55: My favorite beer from the Brooklyn Brewery
  35. Hoptober: New Belgium’s take on a fall seasonal
  36. La Fin Du Monde: One of my favorite beers anywhere
  37. Mad Elf: Prepare for this one, it will make you mad (drunk)
  38. Full Moon: Blue Moon’s take on winter beer
  39. Celebration Ale: A much celebrated winter beer from Sierra Nevada
  40. 2 Below Ale: New Belgium’s winter beer, no longer brewed by them
  41. Winter Welcome Ale: A traditional English Winter Warmer
  42. Winter Lager: Sam Adams winter beer, which is pretty tasty
  43. Red Fox Ale: House beer for the Fox and Hound chain of restaurants
  44. Snow Cap Winter Warmer: An American version of a Winter Warmer
  45. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout: The Oatmeal Stout
  46. Winterhook Winter Ale: A really solid winter beer from Red Hook
  47. 60 Minute IPA: A wonderful IPA from DFH
  48. Noble Pils: Sam Adams spring seasonal, it’s delicious
  49. Hobgoblin: A dark English style beer
  50. Gordon Biersch Marzen: Very tasty beer from California
  51. Allagash White: An outstanding Belgian White Ale
  52. Delirium Tremens: A really good traditional Belgian Strong Ale

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