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Tommyknocker Imperial Nut Brown Ale Beer Review

10-05-04I don’t know if I have ever reviewed a nut brown ale on here before. I’ve had plenty of them, just not while I’ve had this website. As our first nut brown ale, Tommyknocker Brewery’s Imperial Nut Brown Ale comes in at 9% ABV and is surely not your typical nut brown ale. I’ve had a few other brews from Tommyknocker before and I’ve enjoyed some more than others. Their Imperial Nut Brown Ale is a bigger version of their Maple Nut Brown. The label says that it is brewed with pure maple syrup. Ok, sounds interesting.

The beer pours a deep brown with a light brown head. It is crystal clear and has a plethora of smells coming from it. The nose is hops, malt sweetness, and, of course, maple syrup. There are some slightly toasty smells in there as well. When the beer warms a bit their is some heat noticeable on the nose as well.

10-05-05I was ready for a big beer on the first tasting and it delivered that feeling. It was sweet and hoppy, with some nutty undertones and alcohol. The alcohol is not a huge part of the flavor and becomes less noticeable as the beer warms and the sweetness takes over. I think that is do the the fact that it has a super sweet aftertaste. There is a bit of a hop bite, but the sweetness dominates the tail end of the flavor. It has a super big body as expected with a high alcohol beer.

The question always comes up; would I buy this beer again? I think I might. It was a decent beer that had a lot of alcohol that was well hidden and balanced. My only complaint is that it is on the sweet side and I wish the finish would be a bit more neutral. Overall a decent beer with some interesting smells. (more…)