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Photography and beer

I am kind of a weirdo, just ask my wife. I am really into a lot of different things. One of the things I like best about my beer hobby (and it is a hobby) is that I can join some of my interest together. For instance, I really like the whole website thing. I am not good at it, but I like it. Another thing I am becoming more and more passionate about is photography.

You will notice that I put up a lot of pictures when I review a beer. A lot more images than most beer blogs use. Generally the types and positions of the photos are the same, but I still like to put a bunch up there. I really like photographing beer. It allows me to share it with you and it is also an interesting subject to photograph. It is always changing and has a wonderful movement to it.

I also really like photographing things up close. The macro setting and I are best friends. I am a bit limited to not doing some things because of the equipment, but in general my simple camera is up to most of the tasks I ask it for. You will notice that I tend to grab a lot of up-close photos of the beer bottle. I love beer labels and I don’t see enough high quality images of them on the internet.

I think the images presented on this site are improving, and I hope they keep getting better. A digital SLR is on my wish-list, but so is a house, and a kegorator. I think the other two items will beat out the SLR for right now. Anyone else have other interest that get married in the context of beer?

Beer Review #54 Terrible

As I have said before I am a sucker for a good name and/or a good looking beer bottle. In this case, Terrible had both. When I saw this beer sitting on the shelf at the local beer store, I knew I had to get it. I mean how can you pass up a beer with the audacity to have the name Terrible. And the bottle wasn’t too shabby either; simple, clean, and attractive.It is also brewed by Unibroue Quebec, Canada.

On pouring the beer it comes out a nice dark brown. There is a tan, almost redish head, that quickly faded back into the beer. I was somewhat surprised that it went away so quickly as most Belgian beers have ample amounts of head. Maybe it was just the 10.5% ABV that thinned it so quickly. On the nose I fist noticed how sour it smelled. I believe that it came from the dark chocolate notes that I later tasted, but I was a bit surprised to smell them in there. Other aromas came out of some nice malty sweetness and the ever present Belgian yeast strain.

The taste was complex and pleasant. The sourness was there and so was the malt, but there is also a lot more to be found. Those chocolate notes that I talked about before are sure in there, but not over powering. Heat is there to be sure, but at 10.5% that should be expected. Terrible had a few peppery notes as well and judging by previous Unibroue ales that I have had, it is part of their signature yeast strain. I also got some almost bourbon notes in there as well that I didn’t expect, but rather enjoyed.

The mouthfeel is medium and lighter than what I would of expected for such a big beer. I really enjoyed it. I’ve had better Belgian Strong Ales, as this is what Terrible is classified as, but I was solid. From what I have read this beer is a limited or special release, so it might be tough to find, but if I can get it in Lubbock, Texas than I would imagine it can’t be to terrible to find. The biggest downside to this beer is that it comes in a 750 ml bottle, which at 10.5%, one bottle is more than enough. I sure enjoyed it and I think you will too if you get the chance. (more…)

Interesting beer bottles

Whenever I got to the beer store I generally have an idea of what I am looking for. Be it a particular style, beer, or brewery, I usually know what I am going to get. The thing is, once I actually get to the store, it is anyone’s guess as to what I actually come out with. I am sure I am an advertisers dream because I get caught up in things that catch my eye. The other problem I have is that I might know exactly what I want, but that doesn’t stop me from taking a look around to get some ideas for next time.

One of the biggest things that can throw me off of a game plan is an interesting looking bottle. If there is a bottle in the display case that is different than your typical 12 or 22 oz bottle, chances are I am going to take a second look at it. If I know my brain properly, the reason behind this is two fold; if the bottle is special the beer must be as well and “that’s different, I like it, I have to own it.” There are plenty of great looking bottles out there from craft brewers and imports alike.

My first taste of Anchor Steam came becasue I thought the bottles were interesting looking. The same goes with Duvel and dozens of other beers. If a brewery has a unique bottle, chances are I will pick it up. I also tend to hold onto the interesting bottles. My partner in brewing crime, Pete, had a nice collection of bottles when we were in college. We kept one bottle of every kind of beer that we drank. The most prized bottles in the collection were those that were unique. I never had a big collection of bottles, I mainly just contributed to Pete’s but I do have a small collection of special bottles. Right now my favorite is the ceramic bottle that I have from Rogue Ales. I’ve never seen a ceramic beer bottle other than those from Rogue. Anyone else out there a sucker from something that looks special?


Remember the Livestrong crazy where everyone had a yellow rubber wristband? Well the same company that made the Hopside Down beer glass decided to do the same thing for your beer bottle or can. This would sure make it easy to identify a rouge beer. They have a couple of different models that say “mine” in different colors or different levels of drunkenness in different colors. It would probably be a pain to switch out your beerbands every time you feel a new level of your drink, but I bet there are those out there that would do it.


These bands also fit over cans incase you were concerned.

Hopside Down

As you have seen from some older posts I dig beer glasses. I have a collection of about a dozen or so and it is always growing. Browsing around the net yesterday I came across the Hopside Down beer glass. Basically its a beer bottle beer glass. How cool is this thing?

09-02-17-01The only problem is that I can’t find where to buy them. There isĀ  a site for the company that makes them, but nowhere have I found a spot to buy them online. Still a very cool glass that I would love to add to my collection.