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Beer Review #139 Spaten Oktoberfest

Is it weird that I didn’t have a single Spaten branded beer when I was in Germany? That reminds me, I need to get the rest of my Europe trip post on that site. In any case, Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival held in Munich each year and generally lasts for 16-18 days. It just started this last Saturday and I thought it appropriate to review an Oktoberfest today.

Spaten’s version of an Oktoberfest pours a rich amber color and has a thin off-white head. It wasn’t until the beer had emptied from the bottle that I realized that the bottle was actually green. My first thought was,  “bummer, I hope the sun didn’t get to it.” The nose was nice and malty with mixes of bread. There was a slight hop bump which was very nice followed by some slight lager sulfur.

On the taste I really got some nice strong caramel flavors. The bready notes promised in the smell could be found as well. There was a small hop bite on the end, but nothing too terrible. I forgot how balanced an accurate Oktoberfest is supposed to be. There was a bit of sun damage which I will call “Euro-skunk” since I have tasted it in many ill-cared for European lagers.

Overall I liked this one. I was happy to try a beer that comes from the home of Oktoberfest. The brewery that brews this beer, Spaten-Brau, is actually located in Munich, Germany. I found this one exceptionally balanced, even with a bit of sun damage. At 5.9% it makes me really want to go back to Germany and sit in a beer garden with a liter glass and relax the day away. (more…)