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5 for 1 beer glass


This goes back to my college days, all of a few months ago, but this glass is for the college kid. It has the abilty to hold 60 oz of beer or other liquid. That’s 5 beers! I don’t know about you but I don’t drink any good beer or attempt at good beer (aka homebrew) five at a time. Maybe you are different, but it seems a bit excessive. If you are not like me and enjoy drinking crazy amounts without having to make a run to the fridge, grab one of these glasses (it is actually glass too). You can find it here.


Remember the Livestrong crazy where everyone had a yellow rubber wristband? Well the same company that made the Hopside Down beer glass decided to do the same thing for your beer bottle or can. This would sure make it easy to identify a rouge beer. They have a couple of different models that say “mine” in different colors or different levels of drunkenness in different colors. It would probably be a pain to switch out your beerbands every time you feel a new level of your drink, but I bet there are those out there that would do it.


These bands also fit over cans incase you were concerned.

Hopside Down

As you have seen from some older posts I dig beer glasses. I have a collection of about a dozen or so and it is always growing. Browsing around the net yesterday I came across the Hopside Down beer glass. Basically its a beer bottle beer glass. How cool is this thing?

09-02-17-01The only problem is that I can’t find where to buy them. There isĀ  a site for the company that makes them, but nowhere have I found a spot to buy them online. Still a very cool glass that I would love to add to my collection.