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To Koozie or not to koozie

I’m always looking for a way to keep my homebrew at an optimal temperature while fermenting, but I’ve never given a ton of consideration to the drinking temperature. I usually pull a beer out of the fridge and let it warm over time. The problem is that different beers will greatly suffer from getting too warm. The same goes for beers getting too cold.

There are a lot of solutions to this problem but I keep coming back to the beer koozie. A koozie is basically an insulator for your beer that keeps the heat of your hand out, and the temperature of your beer in. There are some fun definitions that can be found about it here. There was even a study about it, really. I’ve recently started using these to keep my beers at a consistent temperature for reviews but I’m suck with a problem. Most beer koozies are branded with logos and products that I don’t support or believe in. I once received a Bud Light koozie for purchasing a few 750 ml bottles of Belgian beer. Odd, it was.

So I’ve been on the search for craft koozies and I think I found one. offers blank koozies that you can place your own designs and text on. I did one for this site as seen below while wasting time not doing grad work.

11-13-01The nice thing about Express Imprint is that they have a very low minimum quantity for orders. Usually custom printing places require company sized orders, not personal sized ones. I plan on ordering a few for our annual family picnic. My family will dig it and I get to keep their cheap beer from getting warm and undrinkable. It’s a win-win.