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If you have noticed that the post level has been dipping a bit here in the last two weeks or so it wasn’t just you. I have actually been working on another site and I am just getting it to the point that it is ready to be shared. The site’s name and conveniently enough, URL is The idea behind it is simple, BeerRSS takes the RSS feeds generated by other beer blog websites, and posts those feeds onto one centralized page.

As of right now there are only a handful of sites that are getting their feeds read, but I am going to be expanding that over the next few weeks. I hope to have hundreds before I run out of sites. You may be thinking that it is not really fair to take some other sites content and post it on your own site, and you would be right, but I made sure that we aren’t going to have a problem. First off I personally contact each site, unless they contact me first, and get permission to place their feed on the site. Secondly, the site only shows the first 250 characters of the feed, and then has a “Read More” link that directs the visitor back to the original site.

So go ahead and check it out. Also if you have a beer blog, use the contact page and get your site added on.