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Beer Review #205 Tröegs Pale Ale

I recently had the chance to visit Tröegs Brewing Company’s new brewery in Hershey, PA. Tröegs is in the process of moving their operations out of Harrisburg, PA to Hershey as they have outgrown their current location. The new brewery is giant (compared to  their last one) and beautiful. I heard that they are going to be using their current brewing system as a pilot brewery and to brew their Scratch series of beers. After the new brewery is fully up and running, brewing operations at the Harrisburg location will cease and they will move over the remaining equipment to Hershey. One of beers that helped put Tröegs on the map in the east is their Pale Ale. I have enjoyed this beer a number of times, but I have reviewed it on this site.

The Pale Ale pours a nice clear orange color with a soapy white head. The nose is full of bright citrus hops. Behind the ample hops are some hints of bread and a light caramel odor. The hops really dominate the smell on this beer. They are fresh and bright. As I have said before, I enjoy citrus hops much more then pine hops so this beer fits right into my wheelhouse.

To begin with this pale ale starts with a slight sweetness which is quickly followed by a good punch of hops. As the nosed promised, the hops present themselves as bright and crisp in the flavor arena. With such a solid addition of hops you would expect this beer to be out of balance, but it isn’t at all. The malt really supports the hops and makes this pale ale very nice.

This is one of my favorite pale ales. It is nicely balanced and full of hop flavor. It also only comes in at 5.4% so you could have a few and not be in trouble. If you haven’t had a chance to get you hands on this one yet, I suggest you do. It’s not up to the level of a west coast pale ale, in terms of hops, but the balance on this beer is so good that it becomes dangerously drinkable. (more…)


St. Arnold Brewing Company Texas Wheat

09-12-04My wife has been on a wheat beer kick for a little while now and we saw St. Arnold Texas Wheat at the store last week so we decided to test it out. I’ve heard some good things about St. Arnold Brewing Company so I wasn’t too scared of what I might be drinking. I’ve also been trying to add to my collection of Texas beers since I don’t plan on living here too long.

It twisted off the top to see what awaited me. The first impression I got from the beer was that it was surprisingly clear to be a wheat. Clear to the point that there was almost no haze and you could see though it easily. Not what I expected from a wheat beer what what can I do? It was golden in color with minimal head and looked more like a Pilsner than a wheat.

09-12-03The smells emanating from the glass where sweat, lemon, and some grass. I was kind of expecting all of those but I was also hoping for some wheat/bready smells that just did not happen. On the first taste I had trouble picking up much of the flavor. There were no hops and some lemon on the back. The beer almost tasted stale. All of the bright flavors seemed to have been taken away from it. The mouthfeel was light and washed off of the tongue quickly. The only strange thing about this beer is that it is brewed with a Kölsch yeast.

I don’t have much more to say on the beer. It wasn’t very drinkable; cat piss comes to mind. I just did not enjoy it. My wife did not either nor our friends who we tried to pawn it off on. From what I have read since we bought the beer, it is apparently the worst of their beers. Awesome. (more…)