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Beer Review #71 Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest

I’m sorry I’m getting to these so review so late, but here they are non-the-less. I am dubbing this week as the “Week of Oktoberfest Beers.” I have five of these beers that I have not had the chance to post yet, so they will be coming out each day this week until I run out. Then it will be onto pumpkin beers, where reviews for that style are sadly behind as well. Anyway, onto the review of Brooklyn Brewery’s Oktoberfest.

This Oktoberfest pours an amber color and comes with a slightly off-white head. It is perfectly clear, and that should be 100% expected for the style. On the nose you get your typical Oktoberfest smells; caramel, sweetness, little to no hops. I did not detect any heat in the nose. Brooklyn’s also seemed to be a bit more sweet smelling than others that I have tried.

On the first taste the sweetness jumped out at me. It was pretty maltly, but not done out of the style. There are some nice bread notes in there which I love as well. The beer has a very nice, smooth finish which made it very drinkable. I could easily see myself putting away a few of these beers.

On a lot of Oktoberfest beers the maltness of the beer eventually turns me off from drinking too many of them. Out of all of the styles of beer I have drank, I find Oktoberfest beers to be the most filling. They are even more filling than imperial stouts or barelywines in my book. I’m not sure why that is, but that is how my stomach handles them. Brooklyn’s beer comes in at 5.5% which seems to be on par with other Oktoberfest beers. At this point in the season it might be tough to find, but it is a solid, drinkable Oktoberfest that I think most would enjoy.


Beer Review #53 Brooklyn Local 1

My little hiatus from posting has not stopped my love of Belgian beers in the slightest. Today’s Belgian beer comes all the way from Brooklyn, NY, home of the Brooklyn Brewery. Don’t you love it when the brewery’s name and location match? Anyway I don’t think that it any secret that I love most of the beers that I have ever had from the Brooklyn Brewery. On this site I have only reviewed their Pennant Ale ’55, but I have enjoyed a great number of their beers that we hastily drank before the appearance of this blog. I have also read their book, which is also wonderful if you were wondering.

Brooklyn Local 1 comes in as a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, which essentially means it is a Belgian beer that has a high ABV and hops that are stronger than you would expect on a normal Belgian beer. It pours a straw color and is 100% cloudy. Lots of sediment to be found and a delicious fluffy white head to go along with it. This beer looks the part of a wonderful Belgian. On the nose the Belgian yeast stands out, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. There is a slight sweetness that is on there as well which I found refreshing.

On the tongue I first noticed the Belgian yeast and the spicy flavors that go along with it. As I dug more into the beer I noticed the malt more and more. It was very sweet. Perhaps that comes from the German malts that are used in making the beer instead of the typical Belgian malts. The hops also come from Germany. Local 1 is a very clean beer. The hops, Belgian yeast, and the malts balance each other out nicely and the hops really help clean your tongue from any left over flavors. The aftertaste was also a nice mix of lemon, grassy flavors, a slight hop bite, Belgian yeast, and some warming alcohol.

For a beer that comes in at 9.0% ABV this beer really did not feature much in the way of heat. It was very hidden and only noticeable on the aftertaste and a bit when the beer really warmed up. The body was in the medium range but it was highly carbonated, so it was tough to get a really sampling of what it would of been like had it had normal carbonation. The beer is something that I think any Belgian beer lover would love. It is clean but features everything a Belgian beer should. Perhaps the most surprising part is how well the ABV is hidden. If you are not careful this beer could easily sneak up on you. It also comes in a caged and corked bottle which added to the “must buy” factor for me.

The Brooklyn Brewery also makes Local 2 which I have had in the past and really enjoyed. It is another Belgian style beer, but much darker and much more bold. If you see anything with Brooklyn Local 1 or 2, get it and I don’t think that you would be disappointed. (more…)