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Beer Review #82 2010 Christmas Ale

Every year Anchor Brewing Company out of San Francisco, California puts out a Christmas Ale. They have done it every year since 1975 and each year they use a different recipe. Very cool of a brewery of their size to do something special each year. I reviewed their summer ale a few months ago, let’s see how their Christmas Ale measures up.

2010 Christmas Ale pours a deep, dark ruby color with a solid tan head. The nose is very complex and brings up feelings of the holiday season. I’m reviewing this beer a month after Christmas, and I was transported to the thoughts of Christmas trees (which still needs to make its way to the dump) and lights. The aromas are very earthy and herbal. Anchor’s beer had a bit of berry in the mix. I  got a bit of mint in there, but there so much happening that I’m not sure if that is the exact smell I was getting. There is also some slight sweetness in there as well. I actually got a slight tingle on my nose when smelling this beer. No idea where that came from.

The taste doesn’t have a ton upfront but some really nice roasty flavors kick in about halfway through. The herbal flavors from the smell are in there as well. The mouthfeel is creamy and wonderful. 2010 Christmas Ale comes in 5.5% ABV so it is a beer that you could have a couple of. I really dig this beer. It is complex and tasty. I could drink this all winter long and it is an excellent example of a winter style beer. Grab this one while you can! (more…)

What are you drinking for the SuperBowl?

It is the day of the big game and a crazy amount of beer commericals. While I really don’t care who wins this year I do care about the beer I am drinking and the quality of the commericals. Last year wasn’t a great year for commericals but the other PA team pulled out a win, so it wasn’t all bad. My beloved Eagles sucked it up again and came nowhere close to the big game. Anyway, the title of the post says it all.

My drink choice come to who I think the underdog is. The Saints are clearly the underdog in this game and I don’t think they stand a chance against the Colts, but that is why I am going to be supporting them with an Abita Amber. I first had the Abita Amber a few years ago when I couple of my meteorology buddies came back for New Orleans and suggested that I pick up some of the Abita beers since that is all they drink down there apparently. I grabbed a sampler case that had some pretty good beers in it. The most solid on was the Abita Amber. I also really enjoy their Turbodog and Christmas Ale.

My prediction for the final score of the game: Colts- 27 Saints- 17. What is your prediction and what will you be drinking for the game?