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Remind: A new beer show on tonight

How Beer Saved the World is on tonight. It is on the Kind-of-Sort-Of Craft Beer Liking Channel, errr the Discovery Channel tonight at 8:00 PM EST.  You can see the trainer on the video below. I’m looking forward to watching it and seeing how they are going to connect not living in a cave to beer.

YouTube Preview Image

I love the craft beer is becoming more mainstream but I do worry that misinformation is going to cause problems. There have been several books that cover the topic of this program and most of them seem to over-estimate the changes that beer has caused. It does make for great bar talk though.

Brewmasters one week away

The Discovery Channel has taken the first big step in opening up television to the craft beer world. There have been a few smaller shows out there, but this one looks like it will blow them out of the water. Next Sunday, November 21st the new Discovery show Brewmasters will debut. It is hosted by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, and looks to have an awful lot of Dogfish branding going on as well. After reading Sam’s book Brewing Up a Business, I can see why the show looks to be branded so heavily.

I am a big fan of the Discovery Channel, so I am excited to see this show. I regularly watch Stormchasters and Myth Busters. Cash Cab has also been know to grab my attention from time to time. I am sure excited to see where they take the show and about how Sam approaches a beer.

I still think that Dogfish Head is the most adventurous brewery out there, producing 30+ different kinds of beer in a given year. Most breweries will produce a few key beers, and then some specialty beers, but Dogfish really seems to push the limits of what can be done. The biggest thing they seem to do is incorporate ingredients that have never been used in beer or have not been used in hundreds of years. I want to see how the thought process that Sam goes through when designing a beer and bringing it to reality. Below is the promo for the show if you haven’t seen it yet.

YouTube Preview Image

Again the show appears next Sunday, November 21st at 10:00 PM EST.

Updates are a coming!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last week and a half here or so. Here the BreweryReviewery household, things have been a bit crazy since my last update. I will also start this post out by saying that the updates are coming, but probably not till this time next week. The reasons are many, but it mostly boils down into two things.

The first is that my wife just defended her thesis on Friday and I basically stayed away from her during that time so that she could finish everything up. She did pass and will officially soon have her Masters in Atmospheric Science. Going along with the whole weather thing, I was out chasing tornadoes with the grad and PhD students of Texas Tech. Is this something that I would normally do, no. But going with a bunch of smart people who know what they are doing and are trying to improve warning times and structures made me feel a bit safe. I did get to see four tornadoes on Thursday. And no, they didn’t do any damage other than to some fields. And second no that real storm chasing is not like what it is on the Discovery Channel.

The second reason goes back into the whole tornado thing. My wife is part of Vortex2 along with the rest of Texas Tech and a couple of hundred other scientist. She leaves soon and, being that I didn’t get to see her much while she was finishing up her thesis, I kind of, sort of, want to spend time with her now. So I am taking a quick break from the site to enjoy some time with my wife (and puppy) before she (my wife not the dog) head out for six weeks to study tornadoes.

A few other side-notes. I have now experienced tornadoes and a earthquake. That leaves an erupting volcano (I saw one but it wasn’t doing anything fun), a hurricane, and a tsunami as my last natural disasters to see before I die. Is that a weird goal? The puppy, Maggie, is one today. And is it alright to call a dog a puppy past one? I’ll be back soon with lots of new content here soon.