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Foam-Free beer dispenser

A Russian company has come up with a great way to dispense beer, a foam-free dispenser. How great would it be to go to your local brewpub, order a growler, and not have to wait five hours for the foam to go down? According to the companies website:

“PEGAS is a unique product meant for foam-free dispensing of foamy beverages from kegs. PEGAS is mostly used for filling bottles with draught beer. You can also use it to dispense: cider, wine, kvass, lemonade, fizzy juices, carbonated drinks, mineral water, etc. from kegs.”

I’m not sure if I would like to have this for a bar drink or not, but I could see it’s advantages. I’m a fan of a decent head on a beer, but that head is also wasted space, making me pay more money for less beer. This product could “solve” that problem.