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Craft beer: a hobby?

I have noticed that at the end of a few of my beer reviews I have noted how “this beer is a good one for people new to the hobby.” The question comes, is drinking beer a hobby? I would assume that some people would consider it a social problem or a moral problem, but I always just thought of it as a hobby. I’ve never really been hung up on the “is drinking wrong?” question (obviously) but is it wrong to think of something that some people despise of as a hobby?

I am not one of those people or drinks to get drunk. I drink craft beer because I enjoy the flavor and the variety. I am sure there is some aspect of knowing something that others don’t in there as well, but that is not one of the reasons I drink. I like to expose myself to new beers and becoming knowledgeable in a growing “field” is always a good thing. I just don’t know if I should consider it a hobby.

Do people who eat good foods think of eating a hobby? Wikipedia has this as their defination as a hobby:

A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one’s spare time

Under that meaning, beer drinking is certainly a hobby. I enjoy it, I am interested in it, I take pleasure in it, and I do it in my spare time, Sounds good to  me. My wife and I have had this discussion before and I think (hope) we agree that it is a hobby. When you think of a hobby though it is generally more of an activity, not a bodily function. Like homebrewing, that falls under the traditional hobby. What do you think, is beer drinking a hobby or just a bad habit?

A little background

If you haven’t read the About Us page yet, I suggest you go on over and start that. If you have, and want to know more, then here is the post for you. My name is Nate and I am the tech/internet savy person who started this site, Pete was an afterthought. I got my inception to beer a couple of years ago and haven’t grown tired of the stuff yet. I’ve enjoyed making trips out to different bars, breweries, and 6-pack stores trying to sample as much as I can. And no, I’m not the snobby beer drinking who asks of little sample glasses and leaves when I’m at the bar (you know who you are).

I drink my beers fully by the glass, 6-pack, or case. I love drinking beer, but I have also gotten into homebrewing. This site will be a mix of beer reviews, homebrew, and beer culture. I’ve been homebrewing for two and a half years or so, mostly on the Mr. Beer setup. This last summer I finally converted over and got the 7.5 gal plastic buckets and all of the other necessary things. I’ve made everything, good and bad, from stouts, lagers, IPAs, Red Ales, and even a cider. I am getting ready to make my jump into all grain. So with that, my introduction is done. Think what you may, but I’m having a great time trying new stuff and creating some concoctions of my own.