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Hofbräu Dunkel Beer Review

09-05-02I had a great Dunkel at a bar a few weeks ago and that motivated my purchase of Hofbräu Dunkel. It is a Dunkel all the way from Germany. I’m surprised Lubbock had beers to offer from outside the U.S. but I digress. Hofbräu Dunkel comes in green bottles with a blue cap. It was nice looking but I am always leery of beers that come from far away with non-brown bottles.

09-05-04It pours a nice brown with maybe some ruby in there. I always have trouble describing the color of beer, but this one was not a true brown, there was some red in there. I am also color blind (red/green) so that doesn’t help. But I saw what I saw. Anyway, it was perfectly clear when you held it up to the light.

The nose of the beer was distinctly Euro skunky, with bis of malt sweetness, and a toasty/biscuit smell. When I saw Euro skunky I am referring to the skunked smell that I find only comes from European beers. I know it is from the transport of these things, but it just ruins it. I be if I had this beer in Germany this review would be a lot different.


The taste was Euro skunky, with a slightly roast flavor. There was some biscuit and very slight hop bitterness in there was well. Nothing overly noticeable compared to the skunk on it. It was nicely carbonated however and had a medium mouthfeel. My six pack of this beer was close to undrinkable from the skunk. I just did not enjoy it and I can’t say I would recommend it to anyone. (more…)