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Beer Review #117 Merry Monks

Seeing that this is my first day in Belgium I figured that a review of a Belgian style Golden Ale is fully appropriate. This brew comes from Weyerbacher Brewing Company out of Easton, Pa. Weyerbacher makes a lot of great brews and Merry Monks was one of my first Belgian style beers. I honestly don’t know what the difference between a golden ale and a Tripel is, but for this beer the stats seems very similar. Merry Monks rocks in at a wonderful 9.3% ABV.

This Belgian style ale pours a nice straw color and has a slight haze. An abundant white head floats on top of the ale. The nose promises some heat, along with a nice sweetness. The typical Belgian spices are in there as well, but this particular yeast stain really features a banana aroma.

On the first taste I noticed a slight sweetness on the front part which is quickly followed by the Belgian spices. The banana that was on the nose follows through in the flavor as well. The only thing that I didn’t detect was the heat. I got no heat on this beer, even after letting it warm for a bit. This beer is devilishly drinkable. I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend this beer to anyone. (more…)

Beer Review #76 Imperial Pumpkin Ale

This week will feature another series of backlogged post, pumpkin beers. I was at the beer store this weekend and I was surprise at how many pumpkin beers were still around, so some of these beers might still be out there for the season. Our first beer comes from Easton, PA out of the Weyerbacher Brewing Company. Their Imperial Pumpkin Ale has gained a bit of a following. I love the label art, crying pumpkins in the background made me giggle a little.

Weyerbacher’s brew pours a burnt amber color. It is perfectly clear and has a thin, off-white head. The nose is slightly caramely, with lots of pumpkin meat. The pumpkin spices are in there as well. The label says that cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and cloves are all present in the beer. I have no idea what cardamon is, but I know what to expect from the other beers. For a beer that comes in at 8% ABV, I didn’t get any heat. I believe that the spices help hid the odor. On my first taste, I noticed how much this beer comes in stages. The front is malty, the middle carries some pumpkin flavor, and the end is spicy. There is a bit of heat in there as well.

This is a thick beer. Generally a 8% beer is going to be a little thick, but not the way this is. This beer almost has a syrupy quality to it. It is pretty drinkable though. Most 8% beers I can’t drink a ton of, but this is enjoyable enough to have a few. While there is some heat in there, it isn’t overwhelming like some “imperial” ales seem to be. (more…)