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A call to Brewers Publications

I’m a huge fan of Brewers Publications. The majority of brewing related books that I currently own are produced by them. For those of you unaware, Brewers Publications is the printing arm of the American Homebrewers Association. The titles that they put out are top notch. I’m currently enjoying For the Love of Hops. So what’s the deal?

I’m a big proponent of technology and it bothers me to no end that the vast majority of their books are not available to read on my Kindle. The Kindle, and other devices like it, make reading so much easier for me. I can carry dozens of books with me at any time all on the same device. They have a search functions so that I can easy find what I need. I can highlight, make notes, and archive anything else that I need right on the device. My eye sight is pretty good, but I like having the option to change the text size and line spacing.

Most of the reading that I get done happens when I am on the treadmill. Books just don’t work for me as I lose my spot often and changing pages is a pain. I usually bring my Kindle or iPad with me and read while running and listening to music. I just wish that I could do that with some of my beer books.

I also find that the cost of a digital book is lower than an actual book. It makes sense since nothing is physical made or sent. May homebrewers are also environmentally conscious, so the idea of not “wasting” paper and saving delivery emissions is enticing. I’m familiar with the process of making an eBook or ePub document and it really isn’t very hard once you have all of the material done.

So, Brewers Publications can you please start releasing your books in both physical and digital formats? You already do it with Zymurgy it’s time to start doing it with your books.