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Pool Pong

I know there hasn’t been a gadget Tuesday in a little while, in part do to being busy and also not being able to find any cool gadgets, but today I have one. It is called the Pool Pong Raft. Bascially it allows you to play beer pong in your pool via a raft that floats and has places to put all of the cups. It even has a spot for the water cup.


It is setup for ten cup but you can just as easily play six cup. I have two problems though. The first being that there are no additional configurations for straight lines or anything like that. My second problem is the price. This thing comes in at $44.95 which sounds like a lot to me. I understand that this is probably a limited production, but that is way too much. Here is their site if you want to check it out.

14 mph cooler

09-04-07-01Yes you read that title correctly, it is a cooler that goes 14 mph. It runs on an electric motor and you can travel 15 miles on a single charge. The cooler can hold a case of beer with ice. Sounds like a sweet deal. Of course, you do have one obvious problem, operating any vehicle when drinking isn’t looked upon fondly. The other question you might be asking yourself is why? Yeah it is pretty neat, but I could think of something better to dump $500 on. I’m thinking a nice kegorator and keg conversion kit for homebrewing.

I’ve seen other versions that have an attachable trailer, so this might not be your best option. A quick search of Google will give you tons of sites to get this puppy from.

New look

I decided to revamp the site a bit. The old layout was getting a little stale for me and to be honest, I never was really sold on it. In particular I have always hated how the sidebar links were setup and there were some coding issues that I didn’t want to go in and fix. This layout is much cleaner and overall I like it more. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well. With that said, the site will remain much the same, and attempt to follow the same posting schedule, which you can see below.

  • Monday: Random posts
  • Tuesday: Beer related gadget
  • Wednesday: Wasted Wednesday
  • Thursday: Beer Review
  • Friday: Homebrewing
  • Weekends: We are drinking or brewing, no time for posting

Thanks for coming and I hope you like the new look of the site.

USB Bottle Opener

USB Bottle Opener

I’m a bit of an tech geek (if you couldn’t tell by someone who runs their own website) so when I saw this I knew I had to share it. It’s a USB bottle opener. I generally have a USB thumb drive on me at all times when I’m at school but I don’t always have a bottle opener. This device would solve that problem in a hurry. They cost about $10 for the 1 GB version up to around $50 for the 8 GB. I think they also just came out with a 16 GB version as well. A quick search of Google or Amazon will show you the product. Very cool and handy USB drive there.


Generally flasks are meant to be small and discreet, for taking a drink where you normally wouldn’t or shouldn’t. Someone took this idea and blew it out of the water. A one gallon flask is the biggest that I have ever heard of. It can hold five 750 ml bottles! The weight alone would make this thing a pain to carry around.

They call it a hip flask, but I doubt this thing would work very well on a hip, maybe a backpack would better suit it. I know this isn’t really beer related, but it was too impressive to pass up.