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Moving sucks

My wife and I are just about settled into our new place. After about two and a half weeks of being displaced, I can happy to be done this process. Now if our apartment complex could fix our AC everything would be ready to go. I probably will not get back to normal updates till this weekend, but they are coming. A few highlights on the new apartment:

  • Gas stove (hooray quicker boils for homebrewing)
  • A large walk-in hall closet that my wife has already designated as “the place were all of your stupid beer stuff is going.”
  • There is a brewpub down the street
  • A beer store exists in the same shopping center as the brewpub, I am going to check out their selection today
  • While not beer related, this place is super nice compared to our last place and has a lot more room

I am looking forward to having everything fully settled, but we are close. On another note I have a job, which is awesome. So far everything about the east is better than Texas. To make our move to Delaware official I think a trip to Dogfish Head is in order.