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Beer Review #116 Cup O Kyndnes

I’ve only reviewed one other Brewery Ommegang beer on this site before and I enjoyed it very much. I’ve had several other of their beers and I really dig what they do. This beer is part of the Ommegang’s Specialty Beer Release series. The idea is basically to give the brewers freedom to create new and interesting beer. Cup O Kyndnes is no different as the bottle says it is a “traditional Belgian-style Scotch Ale.” When I first read over that I thought they were lying. I never heard of a Belgian0style Scotch Ale, let alone a traditional one. After some research, I found that they were not fibbing.

This Cooperstown, New York creation pours a nice brown to ruby color and has a light tan head. The head of this beer is quite fluffy as well, which seems to be common for 750 ml corked bottles. The nose has a nice, rich malt character to it, which is pretty complex. There is no heat but there is some herbal notes, I picked up a heather odor.

On the first taste I was surprised by the smokey character to this beer. It has a wonderful malty body and a very earthy character. I don’t know if some of the malt was smoked in peat moss like an Scottish whiskey, but it had that type of flavor. It was also account for some of the earthy feel to this beer. I did not get any heat, but at 6.6% ABV I’m not surprised by that at all.

I was very happy with this beer overall. It is very well balanced and subtle with its flavors. Unlike a lot of beers which try to showcase one particular ingredient, this one was not aggressive on any front, but everything mixed well. If you like Scottish style beers, this one should be right up your alley. (more…)