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Beer Review #206 Dundee Irish Red Lager

Disclaimer: This beer was sent to me by the Dundee marketing team.

One of the Dundee marketing members contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted some samples of their Irish Red Lager and I obviously said yes. I like free beer, but I love free craft beer. Dundee is a brewery that I am familiar with as I drank their beers quite a bit in college, before their current design, “throwback artsy,” existed. Dundee Brewing Company is located in Rochester, NY, home of a bunch of craft breweries. I was really happy that Dundee sent me this beer as the only beer of theirs that I can get in my area currently is their Honey Brown.

The bottle shows a ram being pained red which is a nod to the German bock. The label also says “malty and mellow,” just an Irish Red should be. The beer pours a light red color and has an abundant white head. As expected this beer is crystal clear. The nose is full of malt with some caramel and bits of biscuit mixed in. The nose is also noticeably sweet and does not have any hop character to speak of.

On my first taste I was surprised at how smooth the malt flows. I guess some advertising doesn’t lie. There is a nice addition of biscuit just as the forward malt flavor is fading. As the biscuit beings to assert itself a very nice, clean hop flavor comes in. The hops are not super strong but they do a nice job of sopping up the malt and really clean the beer out. There is some residual sweetness even with the addition of hops, but it is not an overwhelming sweetness.

To tell you the truth, I really liked this beer. There was nothing flashy about it, but it is an easy drinking beer. Who doesn’t like a beer that goes down easily now and again and bless the people at Dundee, they sent me three bottles so that the beer could go down easily three times. I’m usually not a fan of beers that stay sweet at the end, but this beer had a nice sweetness that, as the bottle describes it, was mellow. I haven’t had many Dundee products in a long time, but this beer will have me looking in their direction again. (more…)