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Beer Review #202 Eurotrash Pilz

I’ve said it more than once before but I am a sucker for good marketing and a beer with the name of Eurotrash is right up my alley. I’ve often refereed to beers that haven’t been treated right as having a “Euro skunk” flavor to them. I’m glad that Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York gets the joke. I’ve been on a bit of a pilsner kick recently and I have purchased a number of them and even brewed one to fill by desire for pilsner beer.

Today’s beer pours a pale golden color and has a wispy white head. It is perfectly clear as is expected in this style of beer. The nose is pretty complex for such a simple beer. There is some honey-like sweetness upfront with a slight noble hop kick that comes in. Behind the honey sweetness is some general beer sweetness and some slight sulfur.

The taste is very clean on this beer. The malt is wonderfully balanced with the hops and all of the sweetness that was promised in the nose carries through to the beer. The noble hops are excellent on this beer. They provide a clean and solid bittering component that cleans out the sweetness and dries out the beer.

According to the label this beer uses two varieties of hops and two types of malt. At 5.2% ABV I could easily down a few of theses at a sitting. This beer is super drinkable, as a pilsner should be. It is very balanced and is loaded with flavor. If you are looking for a good example of a pilsner I suggest that you try this one out. I don’t think that you will be disappointed. This is a solid beer. (more…)

Beer Review #178 Old Man Winter Ale

I finally finished with the beers specifically labeled as “Christmas Ales” and I am now on to some winter beers. As I mentioned previously, I am going to cut off or seriously limit myself from seasonal beers after my current batch of winter beers is done. Anyway, today’s winter beer comes from Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York. As with a lot of breweries I write about, I have had a number of their beers, but I haven’t had a chance to get all of my reviews up on the site yet. I have generally liked everything that I have tried from this brewery, so they have that going for them.

Old Man Winter Ale pours a nice amber color and has a white head to accompany the amber liquid. The nose has a bit of citrus hops, but the malt really shines here. There is some of the normal caramel sweetness but also a nice grainy flavor that I really enjoyed.

This beer has a nice malt flavor up front with those classic caramels returning. I didn’t get any of the grainy notes from the nose upon tasting this one. The citrus hops in the nose follow through to the flavor but they also flood into a slightly piney hop. The pine flavor then coats the tongue, but doesn’t stay for too long as a spicier hops flavor comes in. Right at the end some biscuit and dried fruit come in to round out the beer.

I really liked this one. It was an interesting mix of malt and hops that lead to an enjoyable drink. I also love when a brewery combines ingredients in a way that makes them taste different than they normally would. Old Man Winter Ale only uses two types of malt and three different types of hops. As a homebrewer, the lack of malt variety is encouraging since a lot of people get complexity by adding tons of different types of malts to their beers. Well done Southern Tier, I will be grabbing some more of this beer shortly. (more…)

Beer Review #149 Southern Tier Harvest Ale

I’ve had a number of Southern Tier Brewing Company beers in the past, but none have appeared on this site until now. I am constantly surprised by the number of beers that I have had, but have not reviewed for this site yet. In any case, Southern Tier is located in Lakewood, New York and they recently put onĀ  a major addition to their brewery. I expect to be seeing a lot more of their beer in the stores soon.

Their Harvest Ale says clearly on the label, “4 varieties of hops and 2 different malts.” I guess this one isn’t going to be a malty monster full of caramel notes. This fall beer pours a nice light amber color with a fluffy white head. It is crystal clear if that matters to you.

The nose has loads of bright hops in it. They come off as floral and grapefruit. I was shocked at how fresh they smelled. It almost reminded me of a Peak Organic beer. I didn’t get anything other than hops in the aroma arena.The first taste has some nice sweet malt up front. The hops then kick in and take over. The same flavors promised in the aroma are there. Lots of grapefruit flavors flood over the sweet malt. The think that I found really interesting is that the hops don’t bite like a normal hop would. They rather melt into the malt than bite. It was an interesting experience and it really worked well.

This beer is clearly hop forward, but because of the way the hops come in the beer has the impression of being more balanced than it is. The bright hops made this one wonderfully drinkable and made me want more. I think I’m going back to the store to grab another sixer of this beer, I liked it that much. (more…)