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Anyone catch Food Tech last night?

I will be the first to admit (and my wife will fully stand behind this) that I am a dork when it comes to seeing how stuff is made. Modern Marvels is one of the best shows ever produced as far as I am concerned. On of the History Channel’s new shows is called Food Tech and they show you how all of the components come together to make a meal. One week they will take pizza and show you everything from pizza over construction to how tomatoes are harvested and the next will be Chinese take-out.

Last night they had baseball food on there. So basically hot dogs, ice cream, cracker jacks, and of course beer. For some reason I am still fascinated by the beer making process, even though I make my own and know what is going on. Maybe it is all of the stainless steel but I just love watching it. They showed the flagship Bud plant in St. Louis as the example of how beer is made and it was just impressive. They have primary fermenters that hold 2,000 kegs, that’s 1,000 barrels or more than some breweries produce in an entire year in just on fermenter. The scary thing is, they have dozens of them.

Did anyone else catch Food Tech or are you not like me and don’t really care how it is made as long as it tastes good?