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What the deuce

09-09-01If you didn’t notice in our Tommyknocker Butt Head review, the final picture showed something that hasn’t been on this site before. Below is the picture for further inspection if you didn’t pick it up.

You see where our normally white counter tops are (well usually yellowish since my camera does not like to get the white balance correct) there is a piece of paper. On this piece of paper are all of the tasting notes I took on the beer. What makes this special?

Well I’m working on getting a book out there for putting your tasting notes on and having them all in one organized spot. I’ve been keeping my notes in a notebook since I started this site, but I found that it was unorganized and tough to find beers to refer back to. The book is currently being proofed and should be ready for production (baring any problems) in the next few weeks. I have two versions I am playing with; one is a coil bound and the other perfect bound. Coil bound makes it more like a regular notebook but presents some problems on my end. Perfect bound is like your typical novel binding, but presents some problems with writing it all in there.

There are going to be several designs within the book along with room for 75 different beers and a few other neat things. I am just wondering how much interest there is for something like this before it goes into full production. Depending on the perfect bound vs. coil bound production the numbers and distribution need to be adjusted. Let me know if you think you would pick one of these up for and how much you would be willing to spend.

Thanks, Team