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Beer Review #282 Schlafly Oatmeal Stout

04-08-03I might be weird, but I love a good stout when it is starting to get warm out. I know a lot of people who will not drink a stout unless they can see their breath, but I enjoy them in the spring. Something about a quality stout screams spring to me. Odd, I know. For today, I have an oatmeal stout out of the Saint Louis Brewey, Schlafly brand. My father-in-law brought this beer to me as he is a lover of a spring stout as well.

This beer pours as you would expect any oatmeal stout to pour, dark. It has a velvety texture as it poured into my glass with a tanish head. The nose was that of cold coffee. There is some roast mixed in there but coffee roast was there more than malt roast. A slight bit so sweetness can be found as well.

On my first taste I got some really nice caramels notes upfront. A roasted malt soon followed in and notified my taste buds that this beer is a stout. The beer then goes into a very smooth coffee flavor and ends on that highlight. This beer has more coffee than any other oatmeal stout that I have had before. After a quick look at the bottle they do use coffee beans in the making of this beer. Odd to see an oatmeal stout with coffee not advertised as something with coffee, but that’s just me. Where the oatmeal does show up is the wonderful creamy texture in the beer.

This beer is just a joy to drink. While it is more of a coffee stout (is that a style yet?) than an oatmeal stout it is nicely balanced I really enjoyed this one and it is currently my favorite from the Schlafly family of beers. (more…)