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Beer Review #233 Summer Session Ale

The summer is quickly coming to a close, like in two days, but I wanted to squeeze one more summer beer review in before summer officially ends. I’ve been actively trying not to purchase seasonal beers to get a better selection of more widely available beers, but when I see a local brewery like Evolution Craft Brewing Company of Salisbury, MD, I have to give it a try. Evo as they refer to themselves was originally located in Delmar, DE, but moved a few miles down the road to a much larger facility this year. My wife’s family lives just outside of Salisbury, so I’m a regular customer of Evo when visiting.

Summer Session Ale pours a nice golden orange color with a slight haze. There is a medium foam head sitting on top that slowly fades into a whisper of its former self. The beer has a nice summer smell with bits of orange and bread. It smells pretty sweet and I didn’t detect any hops in there.

On my first taste I was surprised that the sweetness wasn’t more. There is a very light malt component that gives way to some slight lemon and orange flavors. The bready smell carries through to the flavor as well and helps round out the malt flavor. There is a slight citrus hop on the back of this one but it’s not very bitter or assertive.

For a summer beer this one nice nice and very drinkable. I don’t think it is anything super special but it sure is refreshing. It also comes in at 4.6% so you can enjoy a few of these with no problems on a hot day. (more…)

Beer Review #83 Hibernator

Hibernator ale comes from Log Trail Brewing Company of Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. I have had a few of their beers before and I have generally enjoyed them very much. Hibernator is an unfiltered Scottish Ale, which to mean means that this thing is going to be super malty. Malty = good when it is cold out.

This ale pours a brilliant ruby color with a slightly off-white head. There is a slight haze to it as well which probably comes from the yeast left in the beer since it is unfiltered. The nose is very citrus smelling. Actually it is really fresh and wonderful if you as me. There is some slight malt on the nose, but the hop aromas really bury those smells.

The taste is nice and biscuity. The malt again is light. Not as heavy as I would of expected but it works good in this beer. I also go some lemon or orange flavors mixed in as well. Overall it was a really yummy tasting beer. I guess my biggest problem with this beer is that it doesn’t remind me of winter at all. The typical spices were not there and it just didn’t fit in with a “winter style” beer. I would love to see this in the spring just as things are beginning to warm up and animals are coming out of hibernation.

At 6.0% it is sessionable but again, a bit short of the winter style that I usually like to see. The bottle says that the beer is “robust and malty…” I’m not sure if I would call it either of those, but tasty would be appropriate. (more…)