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Beer Review #320 Piercing Pils


Dogfish Head is out with yet another new beer, a lager this time around. Piercing Pils is the name of the beer and it is a “Czech-style Pilsner brewed with pear juice, pear tea and Saaz hops,” because you know you can’t be Dogfish Head without throwing something weird into the mix. Piercing Pils pours a yellow straw color and ... Read More »

Beer Review #219 Sunshine Pils

Many of the first reviews were of Troegs Brewing Company. The reasons for this are two fold 1.) They make lot of good beer, and 2.) They were the most accessible craft beer when I first got into craft beer. Since that time they have been in my regular buying rotation as I still have a fondness for their beers. ... Read More »

Beer Review #207 Victory Prima Pils

It’s no secret that I dig Victory Brewing Company. In my book they make some of the best beers on the east coast and I am constantly amazed at the number of different beers they put out each year. They are actually working on adding a second location as the home base in Downingtown, PA can no longer be expanded. ... Read More »

Beer Review #202 Eurotrash Pilz

I’ve said it more than once before but I am a sucker for good marketing and a beer with the name of Eurotrash is right up my alley. I’ve often refereed to beers that haven’t been treated right as having a “Euro skunk” flavor to them. I’m glad that Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York gets the joke. ... Read More »

Pilsner Brew Day

I brewed my Pilsner last Saturday, just as the snow ended. The snow setting made brewing a real treat compared to the normal blustery winter brew day. The recipe for this beer was pretty simple and the grain crush went quickly. Even though it was cold out, my mash water heated up quickly. My goal was to use a high ... Read More »