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Photography and beer

I am kind of a weirdo, just ask my wife. I am really into a lot of different things. One of the things I like best about my beer hobby (and it is a hobby) is that I can join some of my interest together. For instance, I really like the whole website thing. I am not good at it, but I like it. Another thing I am becoming more and more passionate about is photography.

You will notice that I put up a lot of pictures when I review a beer. A lot more images than most beer blogs use. Generally the types and positions of the photos are the same, but I still like to put a bunch up there. I really like photographing beer. It allows me to share it with you and it is also an interesting subject to photograph. It is always changing and has a wonderful movement to it.

I also really like photographing things up close. The macro setting and I are best friends. I am a bit limited to not doing some things because of the equipment, but in general my simple camera is up to most of the tasks I ask it for. You will notice that I tend to grab a lot of up-close photos of the beer bottle. I love beer labels and I don’t see enough high quality images of them on the internet.

I think the images presented on this site are improving, and I hope they keep getting better. A digital SLR is on my wish-list, but so is a house, and a kegorator. I think the other two items will beat out the SLR for right now. Anyone else have other interest that get married in the context of beer?