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Beer Review #43 Red Fox Ale

My wife and I decided to go out to dinner last night to the Fox and Hound. I haven’t been to one in a few years and I forgot how extensive of a beer selection they have for a chain restaurant. They have 15-20 beers in draft and double that in bottle selections. Most if it is stuff you would expect to see, aka the typical craft beer selections. They did put Miller Chill under the Specialty/Craft beer bottle menu though. Anyway they had a beer called Red Fox Amber which I had never heard of before, so my wife and I each ordered one.

I figured with the name that it was a beer that had been specially made for Fox and Hound, just like Uno has their own beer. This was not the case as I found out when I looked it up at home,but this is what I when in believing. Red Fox Amber is actually an Anheuser-Busch product, and it tastes like one. The color of the beer is a very light amber color, almost light enough to not call it an amber. There was a thin white head that quickly faded and left no lacing on the glass. On the nose my wife and I didn’t really pick up anything big. A slight bit of adjunct/metallic smell with extremely limited malt and/or hop.

On the first taste we both thought that the waitress had given us the wrong beer because it tasted exactly like Budweiser. The color was different but the taste, aroma, and everything else left me with a distinct Budweiser flavor. Even the aftertaste was exactly like a Budweiser. I can’t really say much more than that, it screamed Bud. I honestly didn’t know that Bud had produced this particular product. If you like Bud but want to drink something with some color, the Red Fox Amber is for you. A typical craft beer drinker would probably not enjoy this beer. It has a very American light lager feel, with a different color. I do want to note that I wasn’t able to get a true depiction of the color because of the lighting in the Fox and Hound but you could tell that it was a very light amber color.