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Beer Review #107 Copperhook

Another spring seasonal from Redhook Ale Brewery for today. This beer is actually a year round beer on the west coast, but here on the east coast it is only an option for April and May. It came bottled in Redhook’s new bottles. They are partially a marketing stunt, but I really dig how they look and feel. One note about them, they pour very differently compared to a traditional beer bottle. The neck is much shorter so the angle of the pour needs to be altered a bit or maybe I had a few too many on tap for review.

Copperhook pours a light copper color and comes with a thin white head. The nose had a slight sweetness followed by some herbal notes. The taste was a strange mix of flavors. There was some caramel and toasted malt in there, but then that herbal flavor kicked in. It was reminded me of a cross between mint and spruce. Their other spring beer had similar flavors, but had a better malt backbone to stand on.

The bottle says “things gold and silver are way overrated.” If I am basing that saying off of this beer I wholeheartedly disagree. It does come in at 5.8% so it is sessionable, but this one just wasn’t for me. I did get a cool bottle out of it though. (more…)

Beer Review #105 Mudslinger Spring Ale

Another spring beer for review on this Judgement Day; Mudsligner Spring Ale from Redhook Ale Brewery. Redhook has three different breweries located across the country, but my bottle of Mudslinger said that this particular beer was brewed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I February I reviewed their winter seasonal beer, Winterhook, and thought that it was decent.

Mudslinger is classified as a nut brown ale by the brewery and comes in at 5.8% ABV. It pours a deep copper to brown color and is perfectly clear. A slightly off-white head accompanies the brown drink. The nose is pretty much what you would expect out of a nut brown ale. It has some caramel and roasted malt, followed by some slight hops. When I say slight hops, I mean very slight. On the first taste the roasty notes from the odor returned along with a nutty flavor. These flavors are not nearly as strong as the nose promises. It is then followed by herbal tasting hops. There was almost a minty quality to them.

This beer was had a different name up until last year, but the name is escaping me currently. Whatever the name, it was a decent beer which fits into spring nicely. The beer was not light but not heavy either. The flavors were not complex, but they blended well. Try it out if you get the chance, even if it is to add a new notch to your taste buds. (more…)

Beer Review #46 Winterhook Winter Ale

I got my hands on a winter beer that I have never seen before the other day. That beer was Winterhook Winter Ale by Redhook Ale Brewery out of Woodinville, Washington. My main surprise with finding this beer is that there were spring seasonals (reviews to come) sitting next to it. I’ve had a few other Redhook beers before, but I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this one since my winter beer experience has been so varied.

The ale pours a dark brown color with some ruby-like highlights when held in the light. It is clear and has a thin tan head. The nose on the beers is malty and slightly fruity. Caramel is the strongest of the malt odors coming from the glass. There is a bit of spice on it, but I really couldn’t pick up exactly what it was. There is also some slight hops on the nose, but not overwhelmingly so.

Winterhook has a good malt body and a nice hop bite on the end. There is a slight Belgian like yeast or spice flavor in there as well. It was much cleaner and more hidden than a normal Belgian, but there was a bit of a kick from it to be found in the beer. The hop gets more and more pronounced the more you get into the drink as well. The ale has a medium mouthfeel and, as I said before, and really nice body.

Winterhook is a super drinkable winter ale. It isn’t really high on the ABV rankings coming in at 5.9% but it has a great balance of everything. It is a nice winter ale that I think a lot of people would really enjoy. There are a lot of flavors going on and it takes a bit of time to break them all down. The beer also had great lacing if that is important to you. Overall I enjoyed this beer but it wasn’t my favorite winter ale of the season. (more…)