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Beer Review #158 Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

The second beer that I had from the Sam Adams Variety pack this year was their Chocolate Bock. I had this beer when it came in a nice 750 ml bottle and had a metal logo glued to it. I remember liking it, but it has been a long time since I had it, and the review of the old Chocolate Bock never made it onto the site. So what better time to review Boston Beer Company’s “new” beer.

Chocolate Bock pours a nice dark brown color, not back, and has a tan head. The head was a few shades darker than the Holiday Porter’s head. The nose was fun of dark chocolate notes (shocker). I found it a bit ashy as well. After a few whiffs I decided that it smelled like Coco Puffs. A little weird, yes, but who doesn’t like Coco Puffs?

Sam describes this beers as an “ale with cocoa and natural flavors.” I have no idea what natural flavors they are talking about but this beer comes out with lots of nice chocolate tones. What I really liked was that there were many layers to the chocolate. There were periods where it seemed like a milk chocolate and others when it went to the more bitter end of the chocolate arena. I found it to taste a bit like a hoppy, cold hot chocolate. Another thing to note with this beer is how smooth it is. The chocolate flows in and flows out while hitting a number of different chocolate chords.

I don’t remember the chocolate offering so much to this beer before but I quite enjoyed it. Everything was very smooth and balanced. The flavors are bold, but they don’t scream at you. Another solid beer from Sam Adams that I would consider approachable to seasoned beer freaks and new comers. (more…)