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Beer Review #150 Shiner Oktoberfest

When I lived in Texas I had a good number of Shiner beers before I really ventured into other waters. The main reason was two fold: 1. they make a huge variety of beer, 2. it’s cheap. I was without a job for the first two and a half months of living in Texas, so cheap anything was high on the priority list. In my year down there I never saw Shiner Oktoberfest. Shiner, err the Spoetzel Brewery, is located in Shiner, Texas, a town of just 2,070 people according to the bottle.

In my round-up of Oktoberfest beers this one found its way into my basket. I’ve been disappointed by some of their beers in the past, but I hoped that this one would change that trend around. The beer pours a really nice orange color with a fluffy white head. The head quickly fades to a thin lace on top of the clear beer. Shiner Oktoberfest’s nose was lightly malty with some toasted notes in there. There was some distant sulfur, but nothing to complain about.

On the first taste the malt sweetness from the nose carried over wonderfully onto the flavor realm. I never really got a hop kick in this one. The hops fade in a bit, but never fully make their presence known. The aftertaste is what killed this beer in my eyes. It was metallic and just took away anything the beer had going for it.

I was really digging this beer up until the aftertaste. The malt was light and the hops were as well. Everything seemed to be in a decent balance, though a bit malt forward, and wham! metal. This isn’t the first time I’ve tasted metal in Shiner’s beers before. I don’t know if it is the water or something else, but it just destroys an other wise good beer. (more…)

Beer Review #113 Shiner Double Wheat 102

I reviewed another Shiner beer last week, but it seems like every time I go to the beer store Spoetzl Brewery has a new beer out. This beer is not their summer beer but the wheat style seems to scream summer beer. Double Wheat 102 is an unfiltered wheat beer and comes in at 6.2% ABV.

The beer pours a golden orange color and has a light fluffy head. For an unfiltered beer, this thing sure pours clear. The nose has a yeasty character to it and also highlights the wheat grain. I noticed some light fruit odors in there as well but nothing too strong. On the first taste I was surprised at the amount of sweetness on the front-end of the beer. The yeasty, wheaty flavor comes though on the back-end. I noticed a strange taste through the middle of the drink, it was almost metallic. On the plus side it had a nice smooth finish.

This beer is super light in the mouthfeel, which only contributes to the “summer feel” of this beer. This beer really wasn’t my cup of tea. It was alright, but it had a cheap lager quality to it that completely threw me off. If you like wheat beers try it out, but if your taste buds agree with him, you can pass on this beer. (more…)

Beer Review #110 Shiner Spring Ale Dortmunder Style

I will give Spoetzel credit for pumping out a lot of seasonal beers. Their line-up of beers seems to really have expanded recently and for the most part I have really enjoyed what they have been doing. Their spring beer this year is a dormunder style lager. Basically the style comes from German and is golden lager with a clean flavor profile and has some biscuit notes thrown in there as well. I think this style is prefect for a warm spring day.

This beer pours a clear golden color and has a fluffy white head to boot. The nose is slightly sweet with some bready notes in there. I got a lot of sulfur as well. On the first taste I really was surprised by how sweet this beer was. I was thinking that it would be a bit dryer because the nose didn’t scream sweetness. Also, “lighter” beers tend to not be overly sweet. The sweetness was very nice though, and even had some honey-like notes. The beer also had an “earthy” component to it as it tasted a bit grainy to me.

Overall I enjoyed this beer, but the sweetness did surprise me a bit. I’ve never had another dortmunder style beer so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I thought it was a bit out of balance on the malt side. Grab it while you can. (more…)

Beer Review #81 Shiner Holiday Cheer

I made my first post about Shiner almost two years ago to the day. Shiner is one of the big Texas beers and at the time I was getting ready to move to Texas. Since that time, I’ve lived in Texas, and come back east and now live in Delaware. Surprisingly I can get this beer in Delaware. Shiner is brewed by the Spoetzl Brewery out of Shiner, Texas. On my last post about Shiner beer Lee from I Love Beer suggested that I try their Holiday Cheer. So I did.

Shiner Holiday Cheer pours a burnt amber color with a light tan head that quick fades back into the ale. It pours crystal clear as well. The nose is pretty interesting. The bottle says that it is an “ale brewed with peaches and pecans and with natural flavor and caramel color.” That’s a lot of “ands’.” The nose is peachy for sure. I didn’t really get anything else other than peach. The peach is super bright and vibrant. Most “fruit” beers don’t offer fresh smells, this one does. It also smelled like a fruit gum.

The taste doesn’t have a lot upfront. Peaches kick in during the middle part of the taste and continue through the rest of the beer. There is some nice biscuit in there as well. It has some slight nut character to it as well. I like it. The mouthfeel is light to watery, but it fits this beer nicely. It is a drinkable beer but I always fall into a trap with beers with fruit in them. The trap is that they are usually sweet and get undrinkable quickly. For my tastes, one glass was enough. It was easy enough drinking for more, but the sweetness would get to me. The side benefit is that I am going to be burping peaches for the rest of the day. Try it if you want something unique and easy drinking. (more…)

Shiner 100 Bottle Salute

The Spoetzel Brewery. the people who make Shiner Bock, recently celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary. Congrats to them for being around so long, there are not many American breweries that can claim a record like that. To celebrate they did a 100 bottle rocket salute, launching the rockets out of Shiner Bock bottles. They filmed the whole event at a number an angles and the results are amusing at the least.

YouTube Preview Image