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Keg Cap Tap handle

After browsing the interwebs a bit today I found something pretty awesome, Keg Cap Tap handles. While I currently do not own a kegerator, I hope to once my wife and I get settled in a new place when we move back east this summer. My main reason is basically becasue I hate bottling homebrew. I really don’t have many intentions of putting commercial beer on tap. I have previously posted about other cool tap handles, but I really dig these ones.

Basically you can take the plastic lid that covers a keg opening and place it on these handles to let you know what you have on tap while also displaying the beer itself to everyone. Pretty awesome idea. The even have blank ones so that you can put your homebrew logo on there to display. In the end you get something pretty professional looking at a minimal costs. Most commercial tap handles run anywhere from $30-100 depending on the brew. These run just under $25 and I think they are totally worth it. Now I just need to keep these in mind when I get my system setup.


One day when I get my kegorator, I would really like to have some nice tap handles. Afterall how can you showcase your beer without all aspects of the presentation being awesome. I’ve been looking around at tap handles (since they are in my price range) and those things are pretty darn expensive. For a good looking blank one it is around $30. No way! I thought about making some since I do have access to the machines, but I found this product, and I thought it was pretty cool.


It is called Tap-Board and basically it is a tap handle with a 3.25 inch chalkboard on it. You can just write what is on tap and erase when done, pretty nifty. Even if I don’t get this product, it gave me an idea for something I could do when I want to make my own. Link to the site.