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Beer Review #221 New Glarus Raspberry Tart

My buddy Mike is really big into curling (you know the sport where they bowl rocks on ice and sweep in front of the rock?) and he recently brought over a few beers from his travels. New Glarus Brewing Company is one of those mythical breweries for a lot of craft beer drinkers as they do not distribute outside of Wisconsin and their beers get consistently high marks from the big beer review websites. I was very happy when he offered up a few bottles to me for review.

Raspberry Tart is a  Framboise which is French for raspberry. The beer comes in  a green glass 750 ml bottle that is capped and then sealed with a nice layer of wax. The logo is rather simple (which I like). Raspberry Tart pours a clear light ruby color. A medium off-white head sits on top of the beer and never really fades. The nose is obviously full of raspberries that are very sweet. There is also a sour tart smell in there as well which cuts through the sweetness a bit in the nose. Right off the bat, you can smell why this beer is called Raspberry Tart.

The raspberry flavor continues into the flavor, but it doesn’t overpower it. The raspberry flavor is fresh and non-syrupy. A solid sourness kicks in about halfway through and, as the nose suggests, helps cut out some of the sweetness. This beer finishes sweet and there is not hint of hops through the entire beer.

This beer is very nice and very drinkable. For a fruit beer, this one is very nicely done. I think a glass was enough for me as the sweetness starts to get to me after a bit. For what this beer is supposed to be, it hits everything on the head. I very much enjoyed it and I’m glad that I had the chance to partake in a beer that is only available in one state. (more…)