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Beer Review #192 Mighty Oak Ale

In my last beer review I took a look at Sam Adam’s new spring seasonal. In this review and the next I will look at the other two new beers in their Variety Pack. Boston Beer Company, a.k.a Sam Adams, seemingly puts new beers out all of the time. Might Oak Ale is a new one for them. It was the winner of this year’s Beer Lover’s Choice contest. There are some really good past winners from the contest, most notably Revolutionary Rye Ale and Noble Pils. I’m over the whole “oaking” thing, but I was interested to see what Sam Adams did with this one.

Mighty Oak pours a nice amber color and comes with a thin white head. The nose is very malty with a healthy dose of caramel. I got some slight vanilla in there as well. I didn’t find any hop odors to make note of. I was expected something a bit more earthy smelling, but this one was more of a malt bomb than anything.

The nose carries through to the taste as there is lots of caramel and some vanilla upfront. I again didn’t get any hops to make note of in the flavor world. There was some distant oak flavor, but nothing to write home about. I think they went a little too understated with the oak on this one. This beer is a mainly malt with some hints of complexity, but this isn’t one of my favorite. I’m not sure if this one will stay in a normal rotation for very long. Unlike the two previously mentioned winners, I wouldn’t get this one again. (more…)


Pete’s Wicked Ale Wanderlust Cream Ale Beer Review

08-25-02I recently got a variety pack from Pete’s Wicked Ale and in it was Wanderlust Cream Ale. I’m not a big fan of cream ales to begin with, but I tried to keep a clear head. To be fair my only other experience with a cream ale is Genesee, which, while my best man’s father loves it, I do not. Anyway, the bottle is pretty neat looking as you can see from the pictures.

I opened up the bottle and poured it out. There was a nice sweet aroma in the air which a nice fluffy head, that quickly vanished into nothing. I didn’t notice any hops or anything like that on the nose, just a pleasant sweet smell. This is just a nice looking beer. It is perfectly clear and the color of a pale ale.

08-25-03Looks don’t matter much if the taste can’t back it up. My first taste was light. There wasn’t a lot going on. There was some malt sweetness and just a hint of hop on the back end, but that was about it. I kept drinking to see if I could explore some other flavors, and the only thing I noticed as I kept drinking was a metallic taste. It was creamy, but a bit lighter than what I am used to. I guess it fits the style of beer pretty well, but as I said in the second sentence of this post, I don’t like it.

If you like cream ales, you would enjoy this beer, but that is all I would recommend it to. Click the read more link to see more pictures of the beer and the neat bottle. (more…)