Concord Craft Brewing Co.

Concord, NH

Toured on April 7, 2018

Concord Craft Brewery Co. is located in New Hampshire’s Capitol City and they feature some unique, flavorful brews created right in their state-of-the-art downtown facility that’s been open to the public since early 2017. Their array of hand-crafted brews are well thought out and offer a little something for everyone. We even got to sample a new Jalapeño Cream Ale brew that is in the works and it was tasty as fuck. Can’t wait to taste the final product. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Before our private tour, we were greeted with a friendly “Hello” by the bartender, Noah. Noah is a big part of the local music scene and a craft beer aficionado. He recommended the Safe Space New England IPA for our first pour. The Safe Space is a hazy, citrusy brew with a tounge-in-cheek name that warrants a taste on its own. It is a smooth, flavorful and well thought out brew that’s definitely all unicorns and rainbows. It did the job in prepping our taste buds and got us anticipating what else they had to offer.

The Tour

After shooting the shit with Noah for a bit, we met their Head Brewer, Doug, who he showed us around the facility and answered all of our questions. Doug is a retired Coast Guard Officer and engineer that has brewed in 5 different breweries across the country. He is also the genius behind the Jalapeño Cream Ale and many other brews featured at Concord Craft Brewing Company.

Doug couldn’t have been nicer and was more than eager to answer all of our dumbass beer brewing questions. He walked us through the process and explained the brewing basics as well as the subtle nuances to us two novices. Their facility was truly impressive and the knowledge of Doug and the rest of their employees is unparalleled. His passion and precision can be tasted in every sip. Doug is the mastermind of their set-up and it was apparent right away that he is a thoughtful, creative and methodic brewer.

If you’re curious about their process and want to taste their creations, you can take a tour Wednesday-Saturday at 5pm. They also take tours by appointment. Even if you don’t get to take a tour or it’s not your cup of tea, it’s still worth the trip to grab a pint or a flight at the bar. Which is exactly what we did next.

The Beer

We sat back down with Noah and learned even more about their beer, had some pretzels and enjoyed a flight of their finest beers. We started off with The Senatah IPA, brewed from four different hops and four different malts its full flavor profile definitely reflects that. This one was a bit cloudy too, which we love, and it provided a full mouth feel similar to the Safe Space with similar citrusy notes, but it offered a bit more complex flavor in our opinion. With every sip, I noticed a new note that didn’t seem to be present initially. It’s truly an amazing meld of various hops and malts. This one is for the complex beer lovers. I would have been content if we stopped here, but there was so much more to offer.

Next up we stepped away from the IPA’s and went for the Downtown Maple Brown. I’m not usually a fan of maple flavored beers, but this 5.7% ABV Maple Brown was so well-balanced and subtle, that I’ll definitely get it next time I see it on tap. It’s smooth and just sweet enough to get me to keep sipping.

After the brown, we transitioned to The Town Pond Porter (5.8% ABV). This one was as rich and creamy as any porter I’ve had. It’s full of chocolately goodness and goes down surprisingly easy with just a bit of hops. It’s perfect for a cold night or if you want to just chill and enjoy a classic, smooth porter. This one got the taste buds roaring so we decided to tone it down a bit with a more traditional brew.

The Kaptiol Kölsch, a German Golden Ale is their lightest offering at 5.3% ABV. It has a lighter hop profile than most of their offerings which makes it a great beer for almost any occasion. Even though it’s light, the smooth maltiness was still present and it sure as hell beats any of the mass-produced bullshit that people settle for.

To round out our flight we went with one of our favorites. The Gov’nah DIPA, is an homage to their Capitol City locale. It is well-balanced and surprisingly smooth for an 8.6% ABV Double IPA. It is bold, liberally hopped and absolutely delicious. Like the Senetah and Safe Space, it too is a bit hazy, but it’s definitely a bit more aromatic. This would be my choice for a growler fill for sure.

At this point, I wanted to try the rest of the lineup, but we decided it would be best to wait until our next visit. After all, we had to leave something on the table to give us an excuse to come back…

Final Thoughts

And be back, we will. Overall, Concord Craft Brewery is worth the trip for any out of towners and an absolute must for locals. Although they don’t have a huge menu, they offer some light bites if you get the mucnhies while sipping their brews. It’s a casual, friendly atmosphere with a highly knowledgeable staff. They offer single pours or flights of 4 or 5 brews. If you just can’t get enough they also offer  beer to go: Growlers, (64 oz.) Flip-Tops, (33.8 oz.) and Crowlers (24.5 oz.).

Concord Craft has created a great thing, and to me, their expansion is inevitable. So next time you’re downtown, bring a date, grab a flight and enjoy some good conversation with the barkeep while sipping New Hampshire’s finest brews.


Address: 117 Storrs St, Concord, NH 03301
Opened: 2017
Phone: (603) 856-7625
Tours: Wednesday – Saturday at 5:00pm

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